Showing In The 21st Century, Online Entry, El Gezira, June 2019

El Gezira Jumper Show
[Show Report]

As it says in the title, I entered the El Gezira show online. That was a first. For me at least. It may be old hat in the horse world by now. Aside from the ultra-local dressage schooling shows Milton has been to, I’ve had someone else doing my entries since 2012. And that’s a weird thing to say considering I’ve always been an AOT and have had my horses at home since 1992. But I digress. We all know my riding career has been odd lately.


I am familiar with the websites HorseShowsOnline and from stalking following Stepping Stone Farm at shows over the years.

Entering was simple. Make a free account. Add personal & horse info. Pull up specific show. Click away. When you arrive at the show, the secretary has a pile of numbers with pre-printed labels, sorted by barn. Give your name. Get your number. One less thing for an overburdened show secretary to worry about.

They have a $50 late entry fee. That is large enough to scare anyone into entering on time. Worked on me. Well, I’m compulsive enough that I would have entered on time, but it did prompt multiple emails to Coach Molly. These classes? It only says submitted. Does it need to say processed?!

Welcome to the new millennium.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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