Tizzz The Seazzzon

Using my camera to see behind the trailer light.

Remember when Rodney had a fit on the trailer [Dubious Future]? Then had submit to remedial loading lessons [Trailer Training]? At the time we didn’t find anything. However, months later, we found a wasp’s nest in the trailer. Now we wonder if there had been a different nest that we hadn’t found. That would explain the suddenness and the violence of his response. That would also explain why he didn’t want to get back into the nasty, stingy box.

Last Saturday, I was getting the trailer ready for Milton’s second group lesson (!) at Stepping Stone Farm. When I opened the rear doors, I found a bumblebee crawling on the floor, then saw a wasp on the outside of a window screen. I inspected every nook and cranny before we loaded.

There and back again without incident. Nevertheless, I always carry a can of bug zap in the dressing room.

How did Milton fare in a crowded ring? Stay tuned.

Update: Rodney now gets back on the trailer and goes places [What’s Been Happening]. He doesn’t do much when he gets there, but that’s a different issue. Turtle steps.

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5 thoughts on “Tizzz The Seazzzon

  1. Rodney is a sensitive soul. He sees and feels things we don’t. Maybe we should listen?

  2. That’s the problem with always being alarmed about everything all the time. The rest of us don’t know if the gremlins are in his head or in the bushes.

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