It Touched Me! It Touched Me!

Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way


This clever design uses string instead of dowels to attach the pool noodles to the standard. No dowels, no potential pointy sticks to skewer horse or rider.


Under saddle, we are walking through the wider version.

In hand, we are learning about the narrower version. The standards are moved together so that edges of the loops are less than a horse-width across. Rodney is not at all sure about pushing the noodle loops aside with his chest. Nor is he at all pleased when he passes thru and the loops impinge upon his person. He does it, but he scoots.

Upon reflection, we will be cutting the loops in half so that they stick straight out. The lovely, curving design could catch a rider’s toe. Wouldn’t that be fun. Not. Obstacle design requires imagination, ingenuity, and an obsession with safety.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Love this! Planing to create a little obstacle course at home this year. Going to need lumber, pool noodles, show curtains, and hula hoops!

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