Photo Round-Up Of Recent Activity, March 2019

View From The Back Seat


Milton’s inaugural drive with the new cart [Scoring]! It’s been 8 months since Milton hitched. Horse was probably the least nervous among us. All of the long-lining and riding has helped the driving. I thought it would, but nice to see.

(Proto) Jumping Diary


Second lesson on a Falcon Hill Farm horse. This time with Zoom, a 18yo Thoroughbred. No jumps, never even got to poles. Way of going is totally different & I have completely forgotten how to h/j canter. Spent the first half the lesson at walk and timid trot, but I did it, including cantering in both directions. Am simultaneously appalled and pleased with myself.



Lest you think it is all lessons and lollipops around here. Rodney got jealous of the attention Milton was getting with his abscess, so developed foot trouble of his own. Couldn’t quite manage a full-blown abscess. Had to content himself with swelling & probable bruise on the outside of his coronet band.

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  1. the new cart looks great!! good luck with the sore feet too, ugh. apparently it’s the season’s hottest trend!

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