In Which I Ponder Street Art, Briefly

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Saturday posts are supposed to be about writing. I’m supposed to be a writer. Fiction? If I could think of a story, and hadn’t be traumatized by English professors in college and grad school. Non-fiction? Perhaps one of those brilliantly creative essays that observes a small aspect of life, spins it up to a overall theme, and returns to an elegant denouement.


I wanted to write that sort of essay about street art, neatly pulling together …

… the hay bale art from yesterday …

.. with the fiberglass horses for tomorrow.

However, the only commentary I can up with is …

Street Art. Why the hell not?

Who can argue with enliving the urban landscape?

Maaaaaaybe cost, but that could be said of anything that is not food, shelter, or hospitals. Art is what makes us human. It use to be tool-making that made us human, but that ability is turning up all over the place. I don’t recall an instance of animals in the wild spontaneous producing art. Please correct me if I’m wrong, that would be fascinating.

Sure, it’s not high art, but so what. Neither is Peanuts, yet Snoopy has brought joy to millions.

So, street art, yeah or nay?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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