Swapping Back and Forth

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat does not hinder my hunt seat.
Hunt seat ruins my saddle seat.
This is not a surprise.

Saddle Seat -> Hunt Seat
Let’s say I rode two-a-day saddle seat sessions for week. If I simply sat in a hunt seat saddle, everything would snap into place. Center of the saddle. Check. Lower leg on. Check. Pinkies out, whip over the leg. Let’s go.

Hunt Seat -> Saddle Seat
I had two excellent lessons with Milton at Stepping Stone Farm on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a lesson with Joanie on Friday. The first half of the saddle seat lesson was spent trying to remember what exactly was involved with this here funny way of riding. I had just been to a show. I had won a class. It was still a struggle.

Legs and seat adjust reasonably quickly, especially with the school horses, who won’t go if I don’t sit right. The hands are a horror show, which is ridiculous, because there is an obvious metric. The whip is held straight down, along the horse’s shoulder. Adjust hands accordingly. The conversation runs along these lines, for several laps of the arena …

Me: Hands up.
Hands: Really?
Me: Yes.
Hands: This?

Me: More.
Hands: Really?
Me: Yes.
Hands: This?

Me: Still more.
Hands: Really?
Me: Yes.
Hands: This is weird.

Sigh, does anyone else get backtalk from their body parts?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Back talk from body parts? Yes. They argue. They have opinions. They love lunch. They love naps. They love fresh air, and exercise, but won’t admit it — to me, any way. Thanks for excellent read.

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