Going Gold Again

Saddle Seat Wednesday


Medal for points gained at last year’s shows. ASHA Academy Awards Program

Once you work your way up to gold, you can earn a new gold each year. There is a second tier, the Academy Master Medal Awards Program, “which encourages participation in promotion, education, and continued involvement with the American Saddlebred.” ASHA Youth Awards

I’ll leave speeches and club activities to the kids. I already have enough issues with competing in a beginner/youth division. Yes, I ride in adult classes. No, there are no up&out rules or time limits. Still, I’d rather be swimming with the big fish. That’s not happening at the moment. As I’ve said before, I am stuck in Academy limbo; at least I have Academy limbo to be stuck in. [Show Report]

Excuse me, what I meant to say was ‘How nice of them to send me an award.’

[I Get Gold]
[Loving The Loot], My Academy Award

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Katherine Walcott

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