New Equipment: Whip

Saddle Seat Wednesday






Snowbee dressage whip from Carousel Tack Shoppe.

Lost at show (I always bring two). Replaced. Amazed to see how worn the old one had gotten.

I’m not beating horses with them, I promise. The whip is used lightly on the horse’s shoulder to indicate the canter depart: tip (the head) & tap (the shoulder). Although, I am more likely to use outside rein-outside leg as canter aids. I tend toward leg before hand.

Speaking of outside rein and not being in hunterland, for years I was told never to use the jumping bat/dressage whip on the shoulder. Always behind the saddle. The idea was to motivate the horse forward. One of so many reasons I am not in Kansas anymore.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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