Foto Friday: A Suitable Subject

Now I have a galloping horse for my back-burner goal of entering model horse photo shows [New Book].

Sam Breyer

Sam by Breyer.
Bought from Carousel Tack Shoppe.
Modeled on La Biosthetique – Sam FBW. FEI performance record
Ridden by Michael Jung of Germany. FEI bio, Facebook fan page

According to Identify Your Breyer, the body is the Cigar model, introduced in 1998. The mold has been used for several racehorses – Cigar, Affirmed, Sunday Silence, Barbaro, & Seabiscuit – and two other eventers – Woodburn & Winsome Andante.

I also bought the model in honor of the Sam I ride [Sultan’s Miracle Man], who is awesome in his own way, and because some days you just wanna buy yourself a new toy.

Technical notes: Rain created an impromptu session of learning to shoot with flash. I put the camera back on auto 😦 and fiddled with the angles to keep the light off the shiny. Not a horrid result given my working conditions & current ability.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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