New (to me) Saddle!


Since I have proven to be such a special snowflake about my saddle seat saddles [Show Report: Tack Change], I have been pondering getting my own. (BTW, husband says I have been a princess and the pea about what I ride in for as long as he has know me. Any claim I make about saddle tolerance is a result of selective memory.)

Stepping Stone always provides a quality saddle for my lesson or show, but it is not always the same saddle. I get cranky even if is the same model, but not the same saddle that I usually use. As I said, special snowflake.

I looked at new prices online. I hemmed. I looked at used tack Facebook groups. I hawed. Finally, Coach Courtney texted me with one that was less than half the new price and two-thirds the standard used price. Right model. Right size. Good condition. Great price. Put up or shut up.


With prodding support from the husband, I gave a string of numbers to the nice man at Show Horse Tack. I got this in return. Lovely!

Then I had to buy the accoutrements from Winner’s Circle: the white patent girth that ASBs use, special calfskin stirrups leathers so as not to scratch the saddle, stirrups of a weight and size to hang just so, a dust cover. These were actually harder for me to buy. The amount was high but graspable. Over a certain amount, the brain shorts out.

I shall report back once the pieces have arrived and I have taken the little dear for a spin.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “New (to me) Saddle!

  1. Saddle is lovely.
    It appears that Saddle Seat and Stepping Stone are here for the duration.
    So the question is: Academy or Suit?

      1. I can’t argue with the evidence, but there is still the problem of buying a third horse & allowing someone else to take care of said horse.

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