Life Hack: Drains

drain strainers

Any house that has fuzzy creatures needs to have fur trappers on every drain: kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower. I am amazed how often I wash an object that has neither horse nor pet contact, only to end up with a stopper full of gunk.

Many years ago, I stayed at a beachhouse that suffered from clogged pipes. I was shown the offending mass of sink, shower, and toilet elements curled in the bottom of a trash can. The clog was the size and shape of a full-grown boa constrictor. Clearly, the sight scarred me for life.

2 thoughts on “Life Hack: Drains

  1. One of my jobs at the jumper yard in England was going down the drains to unclog (horse, dog, sheep fur). The visual above of the boa constrictor is very close to what we used to unearth.

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