Other Writing: USDF Connection December 2014/January 2015

Dec 2014 cov“Behind The Scenes: Jennifer M. Keeler, Yellow Horse Marketing”
December 2014/January 2015
USDF Connection
United States Dressage Federation

A short interview with an equine marketing company owner.
Link to Yellow Horse Marketing


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    • Freelancing since 1989. Don’t recall 1st USDF article. Pre-Internet, I expect. If you are interesting in freelancing, consider joining AHP as an individual & attending the annual seminar in June. Lots of folks, lots of fun & lots of advice. http://www.americanhorsepubs.org/

      Michael Perry, “Raised on a small dairy farm, Perry equates his writing career to cleaning calf pens – just keep shoveling, and eventually you’ve got a pile so big, someone will notice.” http://sneezingcow.com/

      Good luck!

      • You know, I did attend last year’s seminar at the urging of Elizabeth Kaye McCall (of the book giveaway–RajaliKa Speak). it was pretty awesome. I met so many super nice people. That’s how I got connected into Sidelines. Do you write for non-horse publications too? And I LOVE the Michael Perry quote. Thanks for that. I can really picture it because my grandpa was a dairy farmer.

        And one other thing. . . I’ve been meaning to follow-up with you but Twitter is so restricting. I liked your idea bout the horse writing Twitter chat. If that is something you are toying with spearheading, I will totally support you and would love to participate. Were you thinking of it as it’s own unique Twitter chat or as a topic for one week for one of the already existing chats? I think it’s a superb idea.

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