Mystery Theft

[Apres-show, day 1]

standard driveway

Back when we were arranging Milton’s transportation [Shipping], I put a white jump standard at the end of our driveway as an indicator. The driveway is on a curve and easy to overshoot. I’ve seen a loaded hay truck go sailing by. Feeling obsessive, I topped the standard with a red bucket. Impossible to miss.

In the excitement of having a new horse (ha!) (sorry, did I say that aloud? anyway …), it took me a few days to remember the standard. Our driveway is long, so retrieving it was an easy task to overlook. I kept meaning to pick it up on a return, but never did.

After a while, the standard developed a permanent home. It marked the turn and the edge of the drainage pipe. Useful when trying to hit the former and avoid the latter.

So, you ask?

After a few weeks. Someone stole the red bucket. Why? What would prompt someone to stop on a blind curve long enough to abscond with a $10 bucket? Whose life is so impoverished that the karmic debt of theft would be worth a lump of plastic?

Furthermore, they had no idea what they were getting. They had no idea if it was cracked. They either stood by the side of the road examining it, or grabbed it to explore back at their evil villain lair. They had no idea what noxious substances we had carried in it. The bucket was in one piece and only used for feed, but they didn’t know that. Would you use an mystery bucket for anything other than an oil change?

Seriously, why?

4 thoughts on “Mystery Theft

  1. Ugh I hate thievery! I wouldn’t ever steal a bucket so I guess I don’t know what I’d use said bucket for. But in guessing maybe the thief changed their oil? Lol

  2. Evil villain lair! Lol! Maybe they didn’t know it was stealing and they thought, “Why would someone abandon a perfectly good bucket on the side of the road? ” and they took it and it’s in their garage waiting for a job. Maybe?

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