Show Today: NACHS 2014

National Academy Championship Horse Show, day 2.

National Academy is a three-day show, two classes per day. The top ten from each class qualify for the next day’s class. Up or out. As you read this, I could be done. Or I could be sailing forward on a sea of blue acetate. I don’t think either one is likely.

My prediction: Adult WTC is usually smaller than Adult WT. Therefore, I will have a division of 6 entries, plus/minus two. In the first two days, I will collect a fistful of pastel ribbons. Lack of numbers will permit me to pass through to Sunday, whereupon I will collect two Top Ten ribbons. Despite the automatic nature of the neck ribbons, I will be thrilled to get them. However, I’m not banking on big fluffies this year.

I could be wrong. Either way.

Prediction modification: I wrote the above before camp, when I was down on everything. Post-camp [Plans], I think I finally have a better feel for what is required in the ring. Plus two super horses and a fantastic coach. As I got ready for the show, I focused (or tried to focus) my mental preparation on riding my best – which is in my control – and not consider exact placings – which is not in my control.

Yeah boy!

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Sandra Hall Photography. Used with permission.
Sandra Hall Photography. Used with permission.
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