10 Reasons Why Skis Are Better Than Horses

Unused skis can be buried in the back of a closet.

Unused skis do not stand outside my back door demanding dinner.

Apres-ski without skiing is cocoa in front of a fire. Apres-horse without riding is a shower.

Unused skis do not require waxing.

Unused skis do not require new bindings every 7 weeks, 5 in the summer.

Ski clothes are festive. The riding world needs to unclench its collective keister.

Unused skis do not require working ski racks in case of middle-of-the-night emergencies.

Skis do not have middle-of-the-night emergencies.

Unused skis can be sold and later replaced with the exact same model.

The biggest reason why skis are better than horses:
It wouldn’t bother me if I never skied again.
Guest Gratuitous Kitten Picture

Kitty Kitty. Photo by Janice Palmer-Williams.

Kitty Kitty.
Photo by Janice Palmer-Williams.

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  1. Why do i get the feeling you’re annoyed with one or both of your pasture ornaments? A ski can’t give you love – or at least affection. A ski can’t seem – or really be – happier when you give him new shoes, or rub that itchy spot he can’t get to. Skis require snow. Horses don’t.
    Calm down, sit and watch the horses till you get to that zen state, and things will be better.

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