Text Art: Banishing the F-word

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My reinterpretation of Life Muses by Ro‘s nifty graphic 10 Tips for Overcoming F**r. (Click on the blue lettering under the share buttons to pull up the jpg.) The first tip is “Do something. Anything. F**r feeds on inaction.”

Excellent advice all through. However, my understanding is that the practicing mind does not register negatives. If you are told, “Don’t lean forward over your jump.”, your brain fastens onto “Lean forward …”.

Instead, I reversed the ten tips into ten positive words. For the lettering, I picked bright but non-competition colors, as far as possible. “Action” got a buzz cut when I trimmed the subtitle with the f-word in it. The sheet went with me to the show yesterday. Just reading through all 10 words gives me a lift.

More advice on conquering nerves compiled in Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Over Thinker: A WORD TO THE WISE. For example, “Ask yourself, is it real (in the moment) or a story (a possibility of happening in the future)?  If it’s a story, get back to what is real.” from Stressless Riding.

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