Show Today: Rocking S

The Tamarack Hill Facebook page [July 14, 2014, you’ll have to scroll down] has a post about perseverance. The relevant part for me was:

You basically sucked? … Big damn deal. That`s why they invented tomorrow. Whine, feel sorry for yourself, have your little pity party—we`ll give you about a day for this, two at the most, then get the hell back up, evaluate why you screwed up, and start to fix it for next time.

The speaker is not identified. I assume it is the farm owner, Denny Emerson. Mr. Emerson has always had a nifty turn of phrase.

I like that he doesn’t just say Buck Up. Sissy Pants. He says, yeah, it’s terrible when you do badly. I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it. Go off and hate it for a while. Now, come back & try again.

So this is me having finished with my pity party of the moment and going back for another attempt to figure out why I have placed last in my class so many times this year.


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