Ad Envy

This month’s issue of Show Horse arrived.

Show Horse July 2014 cov

On the inside back cover was an announcement for this year’s National Academy Championship Finals.

Show Horse July 2014 ad

The pictures are from the 2013 show. I am in back of this photo on the middle left. You can see the patch of white hair. [Posts on the subject listed here.]

Show Horse July 2014 ad top row2

I had an epic time [A Horse Show In 86 Tweets] and won pretty ribbons.

ribbons NACHS

However, next time I go, I want to be this dude.

Show Horse July 2014 ad individual3

He swept the six Adult WTC classes, including the two national finals. See how how straight he stands? That’s how he rode. That’s why he is bedecked with blue.

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