Horse Show Today: NeGCHA 2014

Show today. New show for me, so no pictures from last year.

After winning or losing with no coherent (to me) reason for the first half of this season, I thought about slowing down the mad dash to compete until I could do something other than come in last. Why invest time & money if I’m just going to screw up the next time I trot into a show ring? Yes, I am a joy and a delight to be around when I don’t win. Anyway, I decided to go ahead with this one because

A) I had already paid & have a guest coming.

B) I come uncorked at shows but not at lessons. Therefore, fixing whatever infects my brain in the show ring has to be done at shows.

C) Learning finesse will help in any disciple. A rider is not penalized for flapping like a chicken in a jump-off. OTOH, all that extra motion doesn’t help the horse. At best, it is a waste of effort, At worst it is an indication of ineffective riding. Legendary riders such as Beezie Patton Madden, Michael Matz, and William Fox-Pitt are quiet and classic over seriously gnarly fences & courses.



So, even if I lose, I’m here to learn. That’s my story.

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