Life Hacks: Can Opener

You have cats? Dogs? Critters who eat food from tins? Have you tried a safety can opener?

can top

I would have sneered at the idea as a useless fad until my father gave me one. I now use it on every can. If it is not to hand, I’ll tear the kitchen apart, ignoring our traditional can openers in my quest.

The mechanism uncrimps the rim of the can, leaving a smooth, harmless surface on can and lid. Cat food cans are given to the dogs as clean-up treats. Lids are rinsed off without slicing fingers in a sacrifice to the gods of recycling. Plus, the unit never touches food, so no grungy cutting wheels.

can bottom

It takes a while to get the angle exactly right. For the longest time, I had my dexterous, non-catperson Chef open the nightly cat tuna. I remember my father pulling it out of his suitcase during a trip to Chicago, so I know we’ve had it since 2007. No sign of wear or failure.

Mine is a Zyliss, but any brand would work.

Rhyme photobombs my photography studio.
Rhyme photobombs my photography studio.

2 thoughts on “Life Hacks: Can Opener

  1. I admit it. I hate my current can opener. It’s not that old and I have to fit it on the can at such a precise angle or it pops out. And I have to really press down or it doesn’t cut through all the way. I need one of these!

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