Foto Friday: Equipment

Remember the unsuitable camera that threw me into such a tailspin last August [I’m Baack: Precipitating Cause, saving throw]? Well it’s back.

black camera

I had asked my shipping department to perform pack and return services. He decided to keep the camera for himself. The suitably-sized one that I bought instead

camera 1

does not have the different shooting modes [Towel]. The nasty, big one does.

black camera knob

I still find it oversized and overweight for a pocket camera. However, I can play with the buttons until I decide whether or not I wish to spring for a “real” camera.

Next Friday – pictures, finally, I hope.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Equipment

  1. I’m in a similar situation. I poured tea over my nice pocket-sized camera and now I have to use the big chunky one which doesn’t fit in my pocket. That’s why I’ve posted a lot of crappy iPhone photos recently. I’m watching out for a second hand one though.

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