Rider Up

I rode Rodney!

To be honest, I sat on him a few weeks ago. I didn’t mention it because I wanted to demonstrate repeatability before I went wide. That time, I eased around few small circles. Last Sunday, we worked! Kinda. Sorta.

On one hand, all we did was walk through weave poles and over cavelletti a few times. On the other hand, that’s about all he does for a work session. So, I rode him for what constitutes a full workout these days. Yay!

Inspired by seeing him in a saddle & by having him go so calmly the day before [Finding], I decided I could wrap my mind, or more importantly my stomach, around the idea once again. I steered. I stopped and started. He had a tiny spook/flinch and I didn’t go into vapor lock.

He didn’t relax but neither did he tune me out and retreat to his happy place. He kept ducking his head, grinding his teeth, and looking for me to be holding the reins. I kept throwing more rein at him and letting him sort himself out. The goal is for him to go calmly on the buckle. Then, we can start back to work.

All of this is being done bareback with a wool saddlepad for cushion. We didn’t have a workable saddle until yesterday, bareback keeps everyone’s stress level down, & bailing is easier.

Granted we have a long way to go before we are galloping around the field, much less leading victory gallops. That is tomorrow’s project. For today:

I rode my horse!!!

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  1. Absolutely fantabulous! Chief was always calmer when i rode bareback; Priney could not care less either way. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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