One nice part of a lesson program is riding different horses.

At boarding barns, there was always a horse or two to ride in addition to my own. When we moved the horses into the backyard, I lost access to those casual rides. I love having the horses at home, but the variety is undeniably less.

Stepping Stone has a range of horses. On one hand, young Trump needs to be both soothed and bolstered. On the other hand, Sam is older and knows it all. Just ask him.

Of course, if one gets too big for one’s jodhpurs, one gets put up on a performance horse to demonstrate how much one still has to learn.

That’s why the plan (HA!) is to continue with saddle seat lessons even when I am happily galloping (double HA!) about on my hunter/jumper/event horse (I say unto you HA!).

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
goodreads: Woody Allen

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