Pasture Astronomy

Another winter storm & cabin fever have leached me of all inspiration. Counting down to daylight savings time (March 9, 22 days) and Spring (March 20, 33 days). Given the celestial nature of these thoughts, here is sunset & moonrise Thursday evening from the pasture and backyard.

sun feb 13 14

moon Feb 13 14

Since walking a Bassett Hound lends itself neither to artistry nor to contemplation, I had swapped my camera for my cell and was listening to Audible (The Androids’s Dream by John Scalzi [Tor 2006], narrated by Wil Wheaton, chapter 1). Took these with the camera app. Not bad for a cell phone camera.

Spring countdowns – Countdown till Spring 2014 – Spring

Duration calculators – Date to Date Calc

The Spring countdowns do not match. Go figure. Despite the digital toys, I double-checked the numbers old-school by plonking my finger along a paper calendar.

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  1. All the melted stuff from yeasterday frozen again. i was going to go to the fabric store – i wish we had a proper quilter store – but unless i see that everything is melted, i’m staying home Too dangerous for me to go out. I am so freaking cold of snow!

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