A Spotted Background

Spotted conformation

Full name: Spotted. Therefore the captions can be read two ways:

(Celebrity X was) spotted at location Y.
Spotted (is) at location Y.

She is also known as Spot to her adopted sister Eowyn over on Life, the Universe, and Everything: Adventures of a Curious Mind – What was that?

Lady Eowyn of Rohan

Sex: mare. I was using the male pronoun by default (and isn’t that a whole passel of issues). One day she rolled over and I realized my mistake.

Age: Unknown. I’ve had her just over a year, since December 2012. “Created in the spirit of Wee Traveling Horse (also here on Facebook) and Flat Stanley, as seen on Third Watch.” [Boston] (update: The WTH link has gone private. Check out WTH on FB instead.)

Height: Three-quarters of a hand.

Breed: Spotted is a Knabstrupper of Scleich breeding. Think of her as a German Appaloosa. The breeder’s site has this description, “All Knabstruppers are prized for their health and kind temperament.” Spotted certainly has been low maintenance & tolerates the weird places I make her pose.

BTW, here’s how the American Knabstrupper Association handled the transition to the Danish Association. Don’t you wish all horse associations could be this reasonable and polite?

List of Spotted posts.
Spotted headshot

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    1. No firm coloring known on Eohippis (more correctly caller Hyracotherium) as no skin as survived. Probably like fawns at first, to hide better at woods edge.

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