They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. Horse Show Version

The shock! The horror!

The barn is at a horse show without me. When I said I wasn’t going to this show, no one – not husband, not friend, not instructor – believed me. As this is the first show I have missed since starting saddleseat, I understand their dubiousity. However, I was always pretty sure that I wouldn’t be going.

Back in the summer, I figured missing this one show would be a token gesture of restraint. I was planning a full-on push for Nationals. It would only be fair to stay home and show my face around the house, at least once in a while. I would be heartbroken to see them go off without me but I would bravely endure.

Post-Nationals, not so much with the heartbreak. After putting on my show clothes five times in three days (removed between sessions for cleanliness), I’m ready to give the vest & tie a rest for a few months.

I am not done with showing. Not in the slightest. The first Winter Tournament is coming up in December. As with last year [My First Show, Sorta], I will use the winter shows to acclimate to a new division. Cantering here I come. For giggles, I will be moving directly into Advanced WTC Adult. It is the only level that asks for patterns. Last year, competitors in these classes also showed in suit classes, so I may be outclassed from the get go. Reduces the pressure. Plus, I get to ride in a sweater and schooling jods. After a few months of low(ish)-key showing, I will be ready to move back up to the big shows come spring.

I’m not burned out on horse shows. Just a little crispy around the edges.

Good luck to all! Go Team Stepping Stone!

SSF at Nationals
SSF at Nationals

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