National Academy Day 3: Bright Lights, Big Horse Show


National Academy Championship Horse Show, Murfreesboro, TN, November 1 – 3, 2013.

Today I am a) riding in one or two National Finals classes, b) sitting home in a huff, or c) still at the show, cheering on the rest of the barn, wishing I was home in a huff.

NHS covI keep hearing that National Academy is a show that one has to experience to believe. That I need to go once just to get the idea. While I have no cause to doubt this, I also think that I can hit the ground running. Okay, not the best metaphor for riding. I think I will not be overwhelmed by whole concept my first time out. I’ve trotting into a lot more big rings that the average Academy student.

OTOH, none of these big rings have been at saddleseat shows. Being engulfed by a horde of horses and riders, all diamonding their hearts out, might just fuse my circuits.

There is a good probability that I can outride my competition. Whether I can outshow them remains to be seen.

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