Foto Friday: Spotted in GIMP

Learning photo manipulations. Apparently none of the cool kids use the photo right out of the camera any more.

Base photo:
Spotted exercises base

Quickmask tutorial:
Spotted exercises edges

Clearing the background:
Select by color only worked so far. All of the other colors – water, railing, buildings – have corresponding bits of color on the main figure. Who knew.
Spotted exercises background

Adjusting the color:
(This is for the Blithe Traveler, who says she likes pictures that make her blink.)
Spotted exercises color2

Dunno what it means but it looks neat.
Spotted exercises threshold

Spotted exercises text

I can make simple changes, but get lost when the tutorial assumes a step. Random button pushing yields interesting but non-significant results. Not really seeing the point. Guess I’ll remain uncool a while longer.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Spotted in GIMP

  1. Did you notice the pole coming out of Spot’s belly? Gotta watch out for backgrounds. I can’t do all the fancy stuff either, i just make sure i get what i want in the camera as much as possible. Kids today are born knowing how to do this stuff.

  2. GIMP has a rather vertical learning curve, could be worse, you could be using imagemagick on the command line.

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