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Saddleseat continues the tradition of impressive ribbons. These grand specimens are over 2' long.

Saddleseat continues the tradition of impressive ribbons. These grand specimens are over 2′ long.

Willie and I took first & second in the two Adult Walk/Trot classes and fourth in the open-to-all-comers Championship class. The winner was an 8-year-old who Instructor said I probably could not have beaten anyway. On this particular day, I wiggled. I thought I had moments throughout the day when horse and I were smokin’, but apparently at cost to my riding style. Ah well. Next show.

As we rode from warm-up, I felt the minute Willie saw the ring. ZING! ‘I’m going in the ring!’ I explained that the ring had been sectioned off with a staging area and that we weren’t actually starting the competition just yet. ‘Nope. I know this. I’m going in the ring!’ Saddlebreds are show-offs at heart.

During the victory pass for the first class, Willie cantered off. I couldn’t tell if he was revved up or spooking. Turns out it was the latter. During the second class, he spooked every time we went past that spot on the rail. It was a gentle hop or two but enough to ease me out of first place. Still, not my fault. When a horse is gonna take exception there’s nothing you can do, right? However, the owner rode in the next class and proceeded to trot and canter past the same spot without Willie turning a hair. Phooey.

ribbons closeup Conyers Fall 2013

Would you rather have a bad ride and win or have a good ride and not? I remember asking this to a hyper-competitive friend. She looked at me as if I was from Mars. Still, I’m undecided on the question. Of preference, both. And I can tell you that having neither sucks. Fourth out of ten is no shame if one rides well. Fourth out of ten and Instructor giving me the stink eye because I keep making the same mistake? That makes for a long ride home.

 Spotted on the ride home with my drying gloves & bow. Yes, I have a bow. No, I don't understand it either.

Spotted on the ride home with my drying gloves & bow. Yes, I have a bow. No, I don’t understand it either.

Few onsite, personal photographs due to little time and lots of rain. The barn drove over for the Academy classes. We rode. We turned around and came home. No spare time to photograph. Plus rain and therefore poor light for my autofocus p&s method of photography. We lucked out in that we got into the staging area in the ring before the rain started. However, a gloomy day and a wet scramble to get loaded for the trip back. Professional photos c/o Doug Shiflet >View Proofs button on header or Horse Show Proofs icon > 2013 Southeastern Charity > Saturday Afternoon > 095 – Aca Equitation WT Adult, 096 – Aca Showmanship WT Adult, 108 – Aca WT Championship > chestnut with big blaze, blue vest, helmet. Download rant, per usual [Photo Disclaimer Rant].

Thanks to Grace Kehoe and the Kehoe family for letting me ride Willie. He’s a sweetheart and a star.

Academy Medal

Academy Medal

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  1. Some really nice photos but do remember your chinny-chin-chin!!!

  2. FYI, a reader emailed, “My system complained every time I moved around the Shiflett photog site. LOTS of viruses. You might want to be careful accessing.” I haven’t seen anything, but I use LINUX, not a hot target for virus writers.

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