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breast-cancer-awareness-cakeI had a mammogram last week. I don’t seem to have as bad a time as some, but still not my favorite way to spend a morning.

As the technician did a kind and efficient job of arranging my body parts, I was struck by how much it sounded like riding lesson: put your hands here, aim your feet this way, turn your hips, shoulders back, chest out. She told me to hold my breath. When riding, I do that automatically.

Go now. Get tested. And monthly self checks. I want you around to read my blog for a long time. Cake and photo by Been There, Done That: Breast Cancer Awareness.

6 thoughts on “More Ladies Only

  1. I hope it went better for you than me: The call back for “more views” followed by the You-need-to-have-the-ultrasound-too lecture. I’m wondering why not just cut to the chase and do the better of the two tests and skip all this wash, rinse, repeat nonsense? Every time they come up with a new and improved method of screening they want you do add it to the list of “must haves.” They keep dropping the bar and eventually they’ll just say “Off with your breasts” when you reach 55. Sheesh.

    1. I’m 58 and am very attached to my breasts, thank you. LOL. Where i get my mammogram they have you wait while the doctor reads the films, and do ultrasound right then if needed. some things can be seen better on different types of tests; why go to the fancier (i.e. more expensive) if good results are achieved by the basic test? I’ve had to have ultrasound several time, but not in the last few years, thank goodness. i’ve only needed a biopsy – negative, thank goodness – once.

      1. a lot of stuff is showing up as replies to comments saying things like ‘for the best roofing contaact the whatever” and their from an email, not a name, e.g. wid@shie and other garbage. surprised you haven’t seen it, will forward some examples

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