Collision of Worlds II

ETSA Rodney
Rodney modeling the halter that Alvin won at the last show [Report]. Fortunately, he Heard Something in the woods, otherwise I never would have gotten his ears up. Husband thinks this is a mean thing to do. My feeling is that if Rodney has a problem wearing another horse’s swag, he can bloody well go out and win some of his own.

ETSA closeup

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Gratuitous Cat Picture



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  1. Nice halter! With an engraved plate and everything. You must be very proud.
    Have you told Rodney that he is perfectly capable of winning his own swag?

    • Unfortunately, eventing/jumpers/dressage/etc. doesn’t do swag anywhere near as well as the saddleseat folks do. I’d have to win a lot higher up the food chain to get loot as good. I’d be happy to win – that goes with out saying. I’m just talking about the gimmes.

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