Collision of Worlds II

ETSA Rodney
Rodney modeling the halter that Alvin won at the last show [Report]. Fortunately, he Heard Something in the woods, otherwise I never would have gotten his ears up. Husband thinks this is a mean thing to do. My feeling is that if Rodney has a problem wearing another horse’s swag, he can bloody well go out and win some of his own.

ETSA closeup

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3 thoughts on “Collision of Worlds II

  1. Nice halter! With an engraved plate and everything. You must be very proud.
    Have you told Rodney that he is perfectly capable of winning his own swag?

    1. Unfortunately, eventing/jumpers/dressage/etc. doesn’t do swag anywhere near as well as the saddleseat folks do. I’d have to win a lot higher up the food chain to get loot as good. I’d be happy to win – that goes with out saying. I’m just talking about the gimmes.

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