Boot Camp Moment

[Explanation of saddleseat Boot Camp here.]

First lesson, me and four munchkins. I am closer in age to their grandmothers than to their mothers. Still, I am as new to this as they were. Once we got going, I didn’t feel out of place. True, one hopes that I will be better at grasping concepts and keeping my sh!t together emotionally, but I had just as much trouble maneuvering my horse and planning ahead. I got into a traffic jam during the first trot. Bottom line, when you enter the ring, age stops, student starts.

While we grazed our horses afterwards, we spent time designing the shirts we would order to foster unit cohesion. For most of the afternoon, my peer group had been sub-teens.

Later, most folks had left.
A young’un said, “Am I the only kid here?”
I thought,”No. I’m still here.”
Sigh. As I have long suspected, I am in fact 12 years old.

Youthful enthusiasm. Yeah, that’s it. Youthful enthusiasm.

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