From the Shelves IV

cov Nines

To The Nines: A Practical Guide To Horse And Rider Turn Out For Dressage, Eventing, And Hunter Jumper Shows by Jennifer Chong [Alpine 2006]. A grooming book for those of us who already know that hoof oil dresses up the feet.

Your favorite book for those who already can, horse or otherwise?

Show details coming Wednesday. Short version: Alvin sweeps my classes. And driving. And performance. I go along for the ride.

7 thoughts on “From the Shelves IV

  1. Book came out years and years ago, by Eric Hatch, called The Judge and the Junior Exhibitor. Assumes that you already have a horse, can ride, are showing. Written from the judge’s point of view and lists little tidbits that add that final bit of polish to a performance, or the little things that the judges like and don’t like to see.

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    This is a super book for those who horse show in just about any dicipline. Thanks Rodney for the reminder, and congratulations on the show!

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