They say that when you forget an item, you subconsciously wish to stay.

I have been leaving all manner of items at the saddleseat barn, from my tea mug to my wallet. I don’t lose things. The only other time in recent memory that I misplaced my wallet was after four days of the trade fair at Rolex. I found it at the bottom of suitcase. I figured it was hiding in fear.

Now, I have taken it up a notch. I have started to take away things that aren’t mine. One of the munchkins asked me to hold her sunglasses while she rode. I hooked them on the neckline of my shirt, as I do with my reading glasses. I was almost home before I realized my mistake. With the price of diesel, it would have been cheaper to buy her a new pair. But that would not have shaded her eyes that day nor the next. Back I went.

Doesn’t take an advanced degree in psychology to figure that one out.

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