Show Report: Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity, Cleveland TN. Part One – General

I got stuff!!

At the Dixie Cup earlier this year [Show Report], I had a moment of smallmindedness when I watched one of the kids collect a pile of prizes for winning the championship class. I wanted. Granted, my show career has had wonderful high points. I have ribbons of which I am immensely proud. However, I am not rolling in the big, gaudy tri-colors. I have a few. Perseverance over mumble-mumble decades will produce results through sheer statistics.

My haul from last weekend includes two blue ribbons for winning the regular classes, a blue-red-yellow ribbon for winning the championship, PLUS a championship neck sash for the horse & a duffelbag embroidered with the show logo. Not only loot, but useful loot.

Saddleseat continues to excel in the quality of their awards. The Chattanooga first place ribbons are longer than standard hunter/jumper championships or dressage hi-points. The Chattanooga championship is 7 inches longer than that. The only ribbons of similar length in my collection are a few low-range, year-end awards (two greens & a yellow) and a two ribbons (a red-yellow-white & a green) from Previous Horse’s fancy jumper classes. This is my first neck ribbon.

My not-so-inner 12-year-old is thrilled.

Sharing the Love

Nine shows in 7 months!!!

Huge and public thank you to Hubby for
a) funding the nonsense. Freelancing never paid this kind of money, even when markets were hot.
b) minding the house and barn while I gallivanted around the region.
c) never making a squeak about a or b.

A second enormous thank you to Ashlyn & Lela Seagle for sharing Trump.

Prior show reports and showing posts collected here.

Tomorrow: the blow-by-blow.

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