A Grateful Whine

A flat few days lately. Con crud. A crop of minor but motivation-sucking occurrences. Rodney being his gorgeous, useless self. Mostly, it has now been OVER A WEEK since I have ridden a horse. Hyperventilate. Withdrawal symptoms. Rage & agony.

The main question is how on earth did I survive from April 2011 (the last time I so much as sat on Rodney) until September 2012 (my first saddleseat lesson)? I must have been a joy and a delight to be near.

Saddleseat has been a slender bridge over the abyss of despair that is my riding career, but a bridge it has been none the less. However, no lesson last week. The nice lady who has the saddleseat barn and all those lovely lesson horses, had surgery. She’s through the worst part and promises to be back in action quickly. NOT quickly enough, thank you very much.

You know who you are. Get well soon … I need a horse fix.

Whining while grateful. Selfishness disguised as concern. What can I say, it’s a gift.

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