Old Dog. New Trick.

This weekend I uttered a sentence I have never before used in my life.

Proper saddleseat turn-out mandates make-up for female riders. Although I have only worn make-up a handful of times, I submit to this requirement with my trademark quiet dignity. I made sure to take the lipstick with me to the ring for a pre-ride touch-up once I inevitably chewed it all off. After the show, I was digging around in a pile of ribbons and gloves and what-not. When someone asked what I was doing, I said … pause for dramatic effect …

“I’m looking for my lipstick.”

You may now fall about the floor laughing.


9 thoughts on “Old Dog. New Trick.

  1. Quiet dignity, my foot. More like kicking and screaming. And she took a first and a second! Well done!

    1. Relationship between face-paint and riding: two items. First, this is Saddleseat in the Deep South. It’s tradition! No lady (and I mean “lady”, not “woman”) would walk out of her door in the Deep South without make-up. Second, you are on stage in the Deep South. It’s the done thing.

      1. Guess I’ll avoid the deep south, i don’t think i’ve ever worn makeup apart from a little lipstick. and i don’t even bother with that anymore.
        do you go to all Katherine’s shows?

  2. You’ve completely one upped me :)! Huzzah.
    And Kathie – I think for her quiet dignity equals kicking and screaming – lol! At least that’s what I saw in my mind when I read it.

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