Working on a new project. Not one I should do. Not one that will make me any money. Not one that will expand my writing skills (think more of the same, only different). It is occupying my brainspace to the exclusion of other things, such as thinking up witty blog posts. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more creative.

PS Heard about Boston as I was drafting this. Profanity, revulsion, and sadness. A feeling that is or any post is irrelevant. However, it’s what I do these days, so onward.

One thought on “Teaser

  1. Omit “should.” Stop fretting over making money or being witty. It’s relevant to feel and to show it. Don’t worry about showing that you have skills. If you study writing techniques, internalize them, they will show up in your writing without your consent. They won’t feel false then because they are a part of you and therefore a natural part of your writing, like your feelings about Boston are in this post.

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