A hunter/jumper trainer is leasing space at the saddleseat barn where last weekend’s show was held [Report]. Not just any h/j trainer but one who had taught Previous Horse and with whom I had hoped to continue on Rodney. Back when, I had talked with him about shipping in &/or what it would cost to come to our barn. Needless to say, that never happened.

If all had gone according to plan, I would have been shipping to that very barn and jumping over those very jumps. This did not pass unnoticed by the screaming monkeys in my head on Saturday.

I am enjoying my new life. Still, it was hard to watch remnants of my old life, wearing boots & britches and riding Thoroughbreds, passing through the crowd while I was wearing jodhpurs and holding a Saddlebred.
GKP Ghost 3

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  1. Take lesson from Yoda: always your mind on where you are, what you are doing. Not into the “what ifs” project your mind. Leash those monkeys!! You sound like you are enjoying it, so don’t ruin it.

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