Calendar Planning

I am compiling a perpetual reference calendar, see below, for major horse shows and events. The specific dates may wobble from year to year, but the placement is usually constant, e.g. the first Sunday in May.

Partly, the goal is to use the list to keep abreast of major happenings in the horse world. First, to feel ever so slightly more connected to the wide, wide world. Second, being every so slightly more connected may help me get back into marketing articles. Third, failing this, perhaps I will get post ideas.

Mostly, it’s a list. Making a list warms my little OCD heart.

What have I missed? Specifically, Haynet & other international readers: Help me redress the US bias of my list. What is the big national show for your breed/discipline in your country?

American Invitational show jumping
Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event eventing

Kentucky Derby racing
Devon Horse Show hunter/jumper

National Appaloosa Show

Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show saddlebred

Tevis Cup endurance
World’s Championship Horse Show saddlebred
The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration®

American Eventing Championships (2013 listing)

All American Quarter Horse Congress
Pennsylvania National Horse Show hunter/jumper
The Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®
Washington International Horse Show hunter/jumper
Alltech National Horse Show hunter/jumper

National Academy Championship Show saddlebred
US Dressage Finals, new in 2013

RS thing in the box

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