More Memory Lane

So it begins.
Mid ’70s, Camp Longacres, Randy.
Photographer unknown.

Where did you learn to ride?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

This is not a 7th cat.
My rules say 7 cats = Crazy Cat Lady.
I am not a Crazy Cat Lady.
Therefore, this is not a 7th cat.

4 thoughts on “More Memory Lane

  1. 1. Crazy cat ladies just do cats. Not dogs and horses.
    2. Barns and horses require cats so there’s an X number of cats dispensation.
    3. 7 is a prime number, lucky number, days of the week, body renewal cycle, Seven Sisters, the number of things on a list you can remember, etc.
    4. You are making up for the deficit in cat loving that I and others create.
    5. When you don’t like the rules, change them.

  2. learned to ride at Camp Adventure, Dickerson, MD. lost the ribbon i won. 😦 no photos
    two horses there were Yankee and Rebel and they hated each other. they had a big metal trash can full of hunt caps and you had to find one that fit before you could get on a horse. no harness, but hey, it did instill early the need for head protection.
    in my opinion, there’s no such thing as a crazy cat lady. as long as you can take care of all the animals you have, there’s no crazy involved. I don’t have any cats and i’m as crazy as june bug. come to think of it, what is a june bug and why is it considered crazy?

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