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Timeline of day 1, 750 Words, April 22, 2019

750 Words is a tracking site for daily writing. I heard about it from The Write Start, a 21-day writing prompt program being run by See Jane Write. The goal is to write 750 words each day as writing practice or therapy or creative release, or some combination thereof.

I already write daily, or close to, for the blog. I already do a credible amount of self-reflection, also for the blog. So, as with The Write Start, I will use 750 Words as a fiction exercise. Signed up on Monday. As of this writing (Friday), I have done 3 of the 5 days. I skipped Tuesday due to lessons and riding, so not too bummed about that. I plan to join once my 30-day free membership has elapsed.

The parts that appeal to me are game-ifying the practice and typing. In addition to points for completing each day’s writing, the site displays speed, distractions, mind-set while writing, time orientation, and various other ways your word usage can be sorted and categorized.

Either this appeals to you, or it doesn’t.

Drafting in long-hand never made sense to me. I’d just have to retype. Now, I’ve gotten used to composing on the computer. Writing the daily prompt for TWS in a journal has been, if not hell, at least heck. I thought about switching to the computer, but decided that I could survive journaling for 21 days. Then 750 was mentioned at the beginning of the third week. I couldn’t log on fast enough.

My handwriting is horrid. Despite owning more pens than I wish to admit, I don’t write by hand all that much anymore. I still take interview notes by hand, but heaven help me if the recorder fails and I have to rely on those hashmarks.

My handwriting is slow. I’m so much faster with a keyboard, even with going back to correct typos. Yes, it’s a draft that one one else will see. No, I can’t let them be. Yes, I’m uptight. Moving on. Part of the goal of daily writing is to move quickly through your thoughts. To get into a flow.

As I said, it’s a personal choice, either it amuses you or you clutch your journal to your chest and regard me with an appalled expression.

Privacy? The site claims not to do data mining for any purpose, nefarious or otherwise. It is presented as a writing community run by two well-intentioned individuals. Is this true? Probably. Could it be a well-crafted front? Possibly. I work under the assumptions that A) nothing is truly private on the Internet. Hacks happen. Alternatively, I become sufficiently interesting to the government/general public and everything I’ve ever written winds up in court/on the front page. B) Big Brother is here. Has been for a while. Such is life. Might as well put him to good use as data storage. I probably should be horrified. There are so many more immediate concerns about which to be horrified. But I digress.

Off to write today’s words.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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