Rationally, I understand that stating, ‘I will go to a horse show this weekend’ will not cause … nope, I can’t say it, even at the cost of weak prose … bad things to happen.

Between Mathilda, car trouble, and the weather, I missed one show and most of my winter lessons. I was fortunate to ride at two of the Winter Tournament shows, but the scheduling was stressfully close on both occasions. I’m a little twitchy.

I have left my plans for the the show as open as possible. I haven’t paid in advance. I’m riding a horse who will be there anyway. I have refused to acknowledge that I’m going until I’m ready to roll down the driveway.

Part of this is practical. Mathilda has shown an amazing ability to turn punk the morning of a horse show. Or so it seems.

Confirmation bias. Over-developed sense of responsibility. Observer error. Yes, yes, I KNOW these things. But I still FEEL that the slightest gesture of commitment on my part will cause everything to go to hell, and furthermore, to do so in a creative and mind-wrenching way that I had not even considered.


Show this weekend. maybe. possibly. cross fingers.

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Gratuitous Cat Picture
Arthur Reason March 11 2014

If you click to enlarge the photo, you can see that Arthur has stuck his tongue out to help him catch the stick.

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  1. I had a cat that looked just like Rodney. His name was Pig, and for the longest time we thought Pig was a girl, until we found out that he wasn’t. He was one of my favorite pets.

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