Cat Wars

Lo, the mighty have fallen.

Arthur, in better days
Arthur, in better days

Arthur, King of the Kittens, used to be a bully. He’d grump at all the cats, but the Siamese boys mostly ignored him. Ghost would take it personally. Ghost takes everything personally. So Arthur would go out of his way to beat up on Ghost.


Arthur regularly showed up with a new abscess on his head. The entry wounds were suspiciously fang-shaped. Given the personalties in the house, Arthur undoubted started it. And lost.

Then Blue arrived.


He moved right to the top of the leaderboard, whacking Arthur on the way up. For a while, Arthur would beat up on Ghost, Blue would beat up on Arthur, and Ghost and Blue would play.

Ghost Blue chair Feb 9 14

Then the wormed turned. Ghost noticed that his snugglebuddy wasn’t afraid of his nemesis. So Ghost decided he wasn’t afraid of Arthur either. Now both Blue and Ghost go out of their way to harass Arthur. I often have to give Arthur safe passage from the food bowl to his sleeping spot.

It’s pitiful to see Arthur peeking out from under the bed. I want to feel for him. On the other hand, he brought it on himself by being such a massive bully for so long

(Note on cat photos: These are all retreads. Ideally, I would have liked new ones. Plus I need to update the photos on the Cast of Critters page. I’m finding that my little point & shoot only manages Cat Asleep. Not riveting. Better pictures may need to wait for a real camera.)

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