Guest Post Invitation

Wanna write a guest post?

Interesting in writing a guest post? Read on.

Interesting in writing a guest post but don’t know from horses? See Section II. For The Non-Horse Obsessed.

Interesting in a guest post but don’t know from horses and/or don’t like writing? See Section III. The Standalone Photo.

Section I. The Standard Guest Post
Recently, I have asked a few people if they would be interested in expounding a particular subject into a guest post. I hereby open the invite. Below is the result of my emails on the subject.

Probably best if the subject is horses, or at least equine-adjacent. This is a wide umbrella and I’m comfortable shoving a lot of things under it. Let’s agree on a subject before you start. If it’s something I can’t wedge in, I don’t want to waste your time.

Up to you. Seriously, a week, six months, whenever you get to it. The blog is daily & I have no plans on stopping any time soon.

Also up to you. One on showing a model horse was over 1600 words [All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post]. We can always split it over several days. Short is okay too. It’s all about mixing in new ideas and different voices. (And yes, not having to do the typing myself.)

Important Details
It’s not a huge blog, so I can’t promise huge exposure, but I do have some nice people who read it. Similarly, I don’t pay, so it would have to be for giggles.

Up to you. Formal essay. Avant garde stream of consciousness. Whatever. I’m not big on profanity, unless it’s done well. Usually it’s just laziness. I’m not big on negativity either. Back when I did book reviews, if I hated a book, I would pass over it rather than pan it. That said, there are many, many ways to get one’s point across without being mean.

Your own or with photographer’s permission.

If you mention other people, get their okay first. People can be weird.

For Authors
I am interested in helping promote your book, particularly if you would care to share a behind-the-scenes look at the writing thereof [Amber Heintzberger, co-author of Modern Eventing, on Babies & Books].

Right of Refusal
If you want to send me a draft, we can bounce it back and forth. Or you can send me the text and tell me No Word Shall Be Touched. You will have total control over the text. I won’t make any changes without discussion. OTOH, I reserve the right to nix the whole idea if – for whatever bizarre reason – we can’t come to an agreement. As do you. Standard practice.

Whatcha got?

Section II. For The Non-Horse Obsessed
Horses not your thing?

What is your thing? I bet we can find an equine aspect [Guest Post: Amy Kilkenny on Equine Bookplates]. Local history? The story behind a local equestrian statue. Marketing? Horses on signs, in packaging, on commercials.

Or, that one time you rode at a fair and why you will never ride again. Or why you think riding is a waste of time. Respectful discussion invited on all topics, but expect pushback in the comments if you go controversial. Or the equestrian look in mainstream fashion. Or horses in movies, music, books. Or … we’ll think of something.

Section III. The Standalone Photo
Text not your thing? A single photo would be awesome.

As I mention below, my only requirement is a photo of something vaguely horse-shaped: sign, statue [Driftwood], live horse, horse farm [Hipico Del Mar], whatever.

Bonus points for a panorama shot of the location. [Horses of NYC 2015] Many, most, almost all of my travel posts are guest posts and a majority of those are photos. [Vicarious Travel]
If you’d like more examples, search “guest post” on the sidebar.

Information on this page originally appeared as [Guest Post Invitation & Rules]

Posted December 2, 2018

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