Heading South, Hay Quest 2022


Awareness of the outside world. NYT: Museum of Natural History’s Renewed Hall Holds Treasures and Pain, Lubow, May 5, 2022. Subtitle: Its oldest gallery, Northwest Coast Hall, reopens May 13 with rare cultural objects and a fresh emphasis on the lives of Indigenous people who made them. Announcement of project, AMNH: A Major Project in the Northwest Coast Hall, 2017, in case you can’t access the NYT. Hat tip to L.


Went a few towns south for the most recent load of hay. Limit 15 bales. Never seen that before. I end up here about once a year. They seem to have hay when we don’t. Better contacts? Different contacts? Different buying patterns among their customers? No idea. Just glad they had hay.

Nice, heavy bales. The previous few batches from another places have been packed so loosely that one “flake” squashes down to nothing. It concerns me when I can easily lift the bale.

May this been the start of a beautiful hay season.

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