Virtual Kicks On Route 66, Guest Post

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. NPS: Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program, National Trust for Historic Preservation: Route 66, Route 66 The Road Ahead Partnership.
Another member of Team Peachtree weighs in. Welcome Amy, Quiver, XO, and Atticus, [archives]. [Virtual Kicks On Route 66]


I was doing some walking anyway. I have in the past, in spurts, when my body cooperates and when my mind pushes me to do it for health reasons. I started doing it for physical health but I have found particularly lately that the mental health benefits are at least equal. During the pandemic for the very short time I was working from home, I started trying to get out multiple times per week to get the dogs and me out of the house and moving. After I was back in the workplace, I still tried to get out for all of our sakes.

Then the blog post asking if anyone wants to join the challenge for community. I like to support my friend, the motivation, and the feeling of community, so I joined. Since then my walks have morphed into being with one of two friends and their dog(s) so I get even more community and mental health boosts too. This has also helped me get out to different places to walk and their appreciation of the outdoors and our walks has also boosted mine. On those walks I usually just take one of my dogs who is more social with other dogs. [Ride Away With Me, Virtually]

I don’t document like the blogger but have take an occasional picture on a walk. I also borrowed some from one of my friends who loves to take pictures and post on social media. My other walking friend is completely the opposite. People are interesting.

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