Gotta Hand It To Myself, That Was Stupid

For The Record

Because I’m going to want to remember when this happened.


On the black diamond ski run …

There was this runaway baby carriage …

Looks down. Mumbles.

I tripped over a curb.

The curb was not flush with the ground on the high side. I failed to clear the slight rise. Since I was coming out of dance class, my legs may have responded more slowly than usual. Stubbed my toe. Tipped over. Had enough time to realize I was falling. Flung my hands out to brace myself, as one does.

Judging by the bumps and bangs, I stopped all forward momentum with that toe. Ouch. Achieved a five-point landing on heels of the hands, knees, and one elbow. A symphony of ouch.

I’m fine. Spent the weekend recovering from the adrenaline surge.

Have you noticed that instantaneous falls are far less fearsome than the ones in which you have time to ponder the fact that you are about to go thump?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. So glad nothing was broken!! I agree – count your blessings – no broken wrists! I completely fell down, unexpectedly, on the floor last week (at home in our living room, errant cat toy, no damage but to my pride…) – it was so quick that I was on the rug before I even knew what happened. Definitely sore the next day and felt so stupid, but truly it can happen to anyone, anytime!!!

  2. Healing thoughts. Thank you.

    Getting up. Didn’t spend more than a few moments lying in a fetal ball and whimpering.

    Wrists. Oh, yeah. Could have been so much worse. Or collarbone. Or hip, if really unlucky.

    Sorry about the cat toy adventure.

  3. You have to think in that flash of a second – don’t flng out your hands! I didn’t when I fell a few years ago, but apparently the momentum of my fall caused my wrist to fling out, and I broke my wrist. Another joint to ache when the weather gets cold. You were very lucky.

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