Harvest of Giant Marshmallows, Travel Week, Day 3, Vermont, USA, Guest Photos

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Intro, week: Do you feel like traveling? I feel like traveling. Let’s hear it for vicarious travel.

Intro, today: Roaming Reader [Archives].

“In the United States, silage is more often fed to cattle than horses …. Horses are fed hay in the United States because the weather is typically dry enough to allow for mass cultivation.” Q&A: Silage for Horses – Kentucky Equine Research

Process Notes
Vermont does not have an official state color. Photo border color from the background of the state flag. Internet says state flag background is azure. Internet says this is the hex color for azure. Color looks lighter than the blue on the images of the Vermont flag. Who am I to doubt the wisdom of the Internet.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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