What’s Been Happening, Kittens

On Instagram, but worth repeating. [November]

This is why I have so many sleeping/resting kitten pictures.

Chat dans une boîte. French
Macska egy dobozban. Hungarian
Ngeru i roto i te pouaka. Maori
Kot w pudełku. Polish
Gato en una caja. Spanish
Cath mewn blwch. Welsh
Fun with Google Translate.

How would sentient cat descendants wash their clothes? Automatic tongues?

Deux chats dans une boîte.
Két …
E rua …
Dwa koty …
Dos gatos …
Dau gath …

Two of the big cats in a rare moment of harmony.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. My cats would loooove those shelves haha. Also I ❤ the brown tabbies – mine are a gray tabby and buff orange tabby and I always think a little brown tabby would complete the picture…. lol

  2. “My horse book which will never be published.” Sounds like blog post material to me.

    Shelves. Yes, I love them. Been wanting them for a while, since I read *The Cats’ House* by Bob Walker. Finally got them up. Fortunately, the kittens are responding appropriately.

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